Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Movie: Tangled

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I watched two movies in the cinema this Chinese New Year holiday. The best one is of course this one I am writing about now, Disney's Tangled.

Originally from the German fairy tale of Rapunzel, Tangled becomes Disney's latest happy-ending "transformation production". I say it is a "transformation production"  for two reasons -- one, the plot is very much rewritten and two, it has been "3D-ised" (3-Dimensionalised).

Image from Disney Etc.
Of course, the term "3D" has already attracted a lot of attention, but if you simply want 3D and nothing else, you can watch "The Green Hornet" instead. Those who went to watch Tangled will agree that the movie is absolutely an enjoyable journey to the land of wonder!

The movie comes with lots of adventure elements -- exploding dam, raging water, sword fights and horse chases; romance elements -- songs and singing, floating lanterns, unconditional giving and self-sacrifice; 
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and the unbreakable friendships between human beings and animals.
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As for computer graphics, I'm most impressed by Rapunzel's blonde hair movement! It is stunning! Every hair movement is calculated with such great details that it is almost like real! I would say this is a huge breakthrough for Disney and it has to be one of the best animations in the history of 3D movies!

So don't you miss it!

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