Wednesday 22 December 2010

Technology: Google Chrome with Google Dictionary, Ad Blockers & RSS

I must say I never like Internet Explorer. Actually, have I mentioned this before? Sorry, I think I am having a little déjà vu here. Oh yeah, I did say that! In the article, News & Technology: Google puts a big bet on Chrome.

Anyway, I think there is something missing from my blog, and that may be an instant dictionary at your double-click. I have been trying to import Cambridge Dictionary but they haven't got a script suitable for this Google Blogger web, so I am recommending something else.

First of all, you need Google Chrome web browser. I say this is the fastest browser in the world. Highly simple and small in size.
Image from Google
After installing Chrome, you can then go to Google Chrome Extension to download the Ad Blockers you like.  I personally use this Webmail Ad Blocker because I hate to see the ads while I am checking emails.

Lastly, you can download the Google Dictionary, and the meaning you want will pop up in a small bubble.

Image from Google
The only thing that is missing is the IPA, and I do hope that some time later IPA will be added, or that Cambridge Dictionary will create a Chrome extension.

Now you can read my blog even faster and learn even better!

Once more extension to add is the RSS Subscription Extension (by Google), then once there is an entry update, the RSS will automatically come to give you a reminder and you'll be able to read what I write with a click away!
Image from Google

Don't wait, download them now!!! Hope you like my Christmas presents for you!

déjà vu -- (n) [Uthe strange feeling that in some way you have experienced already what is happening now

Déjà vu @ Wikipedia

News & Technology: Google puts a big bet on Chrome

Google Chrome

Webmail Ad Blocker

Google Dictionary

RSS Subscription Extension (by Google)