Friday 9 August 2013

World: Fun Facts We All Should Know -- Part 1

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Surfing on the internet is a marvellous thing to do, since there are so many things to learn, as long as you have self-control over the time you spend and know which sources are trustworthy.

In this "Very Hot Weather Warning" Friday in Hong Kong, I bring to you some facts which I think is pretty Cool to know (well, at least for me), and I hope you can learn them with me!

Question 1: How many countries are there in the world?

Image from US Department of State
Answer: This is actually a tricky question, since it is an arguable topic (Is Taiwan a country, for instance?), some websites say 196, some say 195. Will the change in wording improve the results? According to the US Department of State, the number of independent states in the world is 195. Hm... I still think if people want to argue, they still can, no matter how you change the wording.

Question 2: Is there such a thing as peak seasons for gold?
Answer: Yes, definitely! This involves several factors, first of all, we need to know which countries have the biggest demand for gold in the world.
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It is not difficult to see that India and China lead the pack in the world's gold demand. This has to do a lot with cultures and traditions. According to an article from Financial Post,

Image from businessweek
"Approximately 10,000 weddings are held in India each year from late September through January...demand for gold tends to rise in the months leading up to the start of the wedding season as fabricators and jewellers get prepared. As a result, the season has played a large role in the gold equity sector's annual strength between August and the start of October."

A pair of dragon and Phoenix bangles
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As for China, it is not as much as a 'peak season' but a 'peak year', that means, peak season all year round. The year of Dragon -- just to name one -- with or without a 'two springs' in the lunar year, is considered as a good year to get married and have children. Close relatives of the marrying couple will flood the jewellery shops to buy gift prizes, a pair of dragon-phoenix gold bangles in particular.

So in short, the answer is definitely a 'yes', there are 'peak seasons' in the gold market.

Question 3: Are Sharks Attracted by Human Blood?
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Answer: Surprisingly, NO! NO! NO! Hollywood shark movies have shaped our wrong concept so much that we all think sharks are attracted by all blood! Even the Leisure and Cultural Services Department will offer the above safety advice for swimmers to avoid shark attack.

Although the department may be wrong, but hey, an advice is an advice, if they don't say this and you get bitten even by chance, who is going to take the blame? I'm surprise the list isn't longer really. They should add, "Do not bring a cut-up fish to swim", "Do not cover yourself in fish juice before swimming", "Do not swim if you are a fisherman", etc. Because honestly speaking, after watching Mythbusters, you can really tell what really attracts the sharks. My advices are laughable, but they are better advices than "Do not swim if you are bleeding or have any open wound."

Question 4: How Likely Are You To Be Attacked By A Shark?
Answer: In short, very very rarely. In details, here you go!

So guys, stay alert when you go toilet, it might just kill you!

Yeah, the Discovery Channel may and should apologise for their poor Shark Week production Megalodon, but I still think they produce lots and lots of quality programmes. And honestly speaking, their programmes are much more entertaining than those from the National Geographic.

Have a happy weekend!!!

bangle -- (n)[C] ring of stiff plasticmetaletcworn around the wrist or arm as jewellery
In short -- (idiom) In summary; briefly.

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