Thursday 15 August 2013

TV & Animals: Watch Shark Week 2013 Shows

Image from Discovery Channel
The Shark Week is over!!! And I have watched nothing on TV because I don't have the Discovery Channel! What should I do? What should I do?

Well, if you are Locky's English Playground fan, you'll know I wouldn't let that the TV programmes get away! I must always find out where I can watch these programmes!

The Great White Gauntlet
When you are eating your favourite abalone, have you ever thought about, where do they come from? How do they get from the bottom of the sea to your plate? For those who earns a living from catching abalone, what's the downside of earning money from abalone? Well, how about staying away from great white sharks? No pain, no gain! Don't blame it on the sharks, it's their home you're breaking into!

Shark After Dark 2013 Josh Wolf, Chris Hardwick, Tom Green
Sorry, this one is unavailable even for me.

Alien Shark
First live Megamouth Shark caught on camera!!
Image from Discovery Channel
Deep-sea shark researchers share their huge discoveries with everyone on the planet in this program. It's truly magnificent to have so many rare sharks caught alive on camera for the first time!

Do you know that a bluntnose sixgill shark can be bigger than a great white shark? Have you seen a live megamouth shark in action? No? Then you must watch the following video!

The apocalypse, originally meant a disclosure of knowledge while now known as the end of the world, may be a word used by those who witnesses a shark attack, but does it always have to end up this way? Are we actually making the sharks braver when facing humans? Can dead sharks repel living sharks?

Two men decided to investigate whether the sharks really want to attack humans and what has caused an increase in shark attacks through a series of awesome experiments. We're talking about many kinds of sharks, not just one. And these two guys are CRAAAAZY yet COOL!!! My kind of favourite shows!!!

Great White Serial Killer
A surfer wants to find out how and why 2 other surfers, Lucas Ransom and Francisco Solorio were killed by a great white shark at Surf Beach. Could they be killed by the same shark? See how forensic studies analyzes the cases.

Top Ten Sharkdown
A countdown of the Top 10 shark attacks from the 21st century.

I Escaped JAWS
It's real shark attack footage from eye-witnesses of the actual shark attacks together with the interviews of the survivors compiled into a horrific programme! It was shocking and bloody, be warned. It's not pleasant, but it's incredible to learn how much shark attack survivors want to return to the sea for more encounters with their biters. Respect, lots of respect for the sharks.

It's good to learn that October is also called "Sharktober". Maybe that's why I love sharks so much, because Sharktober is my birth-month.

Voodoo Shark
You think that sharks can only swim in seawaters? You are very wrong! The adaptive bull sharks swims up freshwater rivers for their hunt. Cajun fishermen attempts to research the existence of a monster shark while scientists and researchers wants data from the freshwater bulls outside New Orleans.

Return Of Jaws

Cape Cod, THE hot spot for great white sharks. We know they are there, we have them on cameras when we chum them, but what if they are not being chum? What if we want to chase a swimming sharks on the move without the shark knowing? What if we don't want to put a camera on a shark's fin? What if there is a camera that swims as fast as a great white? The programs has a storyline which does runs like the sequel of the movie JAWS.

Megalodon -- The Monster Shark
Yes, I know, it's a drama, it's fake, but how fake is this? In fact, it is better than most modern movies about sharks -- more scary, more real, better filming technique AND no laser on the shark's head. Not bad if you have extra time to spend.

After watching all of them, your English listening level will surely improve, together with your knowledge on sharks!

magnificent -- (adj) 
bluntnose sixgill shark -- (n)[C] see Resources below
megamouth shark -- (n)[C] see Resources below
gauntlet -- (n) [C] a long, thick glove (= hand covering), worn for protection
abalone -- (n)[C] see Food: Chinese Delicacy @ Locky's English Playground
apocalypse -- (n) [S or U] a very serious event resulting in great destruction and change:
repel -- (vb) [T] to force something or someone to move away or stop attacking you:
sequel -- (n) a book, film, or play that continues the
chum -- (vb) luring animals, usually fish or sharks, by throwing "chum" into the water.

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v1.1.4 (Beta Pre-release version)
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Hope you all had a happy typhooliday!

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"typhoo-liday" -- (n)[C] A word created by Locky, meaning a holiday brought about by the hoisting of a high level typhoon signals, in the case of Hong Kong it is number 8 or higher.


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