Wednesday 13 November 2013

Technology: Fun Facts About Tesla Model S We All Should Know

Tesla Model S
Image from Tesla Motor
Low Maintenance Costs

For many, there are concerns about electric vehicles. Other than the range (distance coverage) and recharge time, maintenance could be a big one.

The truth is, there are far fewer moving parts in a Tesla Model S than a conventional vehicle -- no exhaust pipes, no petrol engine, no clutch, no gearbox to name a few, that the maintenance cost is so so much less.

8 Years Battery Warranty
Image from Tesla Motor

The car battery though, is one new item for many drivers. What if there is something wrong with my battery and I need to get a replacement? That's okay, because first, your battery has 8 years warranty for all models (125k miles for the 60kWh model, unlimited for the rest), so owners will be pretty happy with this length, considering most of the other renowned brands such as BMW and Mercedes Benz offer only 2 years overall warranty.

Hyperspeed Battery Swap

Next, will the servicing take a long time? Our common sense tells us that minimum a week or two is inevitable for the conventional vehicles. What about the Tesla Model S? The battery replacement can be done in less than 90 seconds!!!! Take a look!

Endorsement At Its Best

"I would buy another one in a heartbeat." -- The Owner of the Tesla Model S 
involved in the 3rd ever Tesla fire.

Image from Tesla Motor
Calling itself "The Safest Car In America" seems to be a bit arrogant, but they have indeed got the proof for its claim.

3rd Tesla Model S Fire
Image from Tesla Motor Blog
Thus far, there has been three fire incidents for the Tesla Model S, all related to collision with objects on the road.

The most recent one created quite a stir in the industry and questions about its safety slowly surfaced. While non-Tesla EV owners voice out their worries, the Tesla owners are not showing any signs of panic. As a matter of fact, quite the opposite, the Tesla EV owners are in skyrocketing mood about the safety of their beloved car.

The Tesla Model S owner involved in the third fire even wrote a lengthy blog entry arguing that he was in fact being saved by the EV rather than endangered by it.

The following statement is exactly they one in question,

I was driving home from work on the interstate in the right lane at approximately 70 miles per hour, following a truck. In the middle of the lane, there was a rusty three-pronged trailer hitch that was sticking up with the ball up in the air. The truck in front of me cleared the object. I did not have enough time to swerve to avoid the hitch, and it went below my car. I felt a firm "thud" as the hitch struck the bottom of the car, and it felt as though it even lifted the car up in the air. My assistant later found a gouge in the tarmac where the item scraped into the road. Somewhat shaken, I continued to drive.
About 30-45 seconds later, there was a warning on the dashboard display saying, "Car needs service. Car may not restart." I continued to drive, hoping to get home. About one minute later, the message on the dashboard display read, "Please pull over safely. Car is shutting down." I was able to fully control the car the entire time and safely pulled off the left shoulder on the side of the road. I got out of the car, and started to get all my belongings out. About 5-10 seconds after getting out of the car, smoke started to come from the front underbody of the car. I walked away from the vehicle to a distance of about 100 yards. More smoke started to come out of the bottom of the car, and about two minutes after I walked away, the front of the car caught on fire.
I am thankful to God that I was totally uninjured in any way from this impact. Had I not been in a Tesla, that object could have punched through the floor and caused me serious harm. From the time of impact of the object until the time the car caught fire was about five minutes. During this time, the car warned me that it was damaged and instructed me to pull over. I never felt as though I was in any imminent danger. While driving after I hit the object until I pulled over, the car performed perfectly, and it was a totally controlled situation. There was never a point at which I was anywhere even close to any flames.
The firemen arrived promptly and applied water to the flames. They were about to pry open the doors, so I pressed my key button and the handles presented and everything worked even though the front of the car was on fire. No flames ever reached the cabin, and nothing inside was damaged. I was even able to get my papers and pens out of the glove compartment.
This experience does not in any way make me think that the Tesla Model S is an unsafe car. I would buy another one in a heartbeat.
Juris Shibayama, MD

Talking about word of mouth, this has to be as good as it gets. Who on earth will actually tell you he "would but another in a heartbeat" after his previous one caught on fire? If the car isn't THAT good, I doubt no one will. At least I haven't heard any owners of any cars from any other brands who have said the same thing, ever!

Is this the reason why the stock price rebounded 4.89% to USD 144.7?

How The Tesla Model S Is Made?

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