Wednesday 25 December 2013

Auto: Tesla Model S on National Geographic

Sunroof anyone?
Image from Tesla

Feeling bored and in need of something to watch? Wanna have some green knowledge for the Christmas? I happened to feel this way in this Christmas morning, and so I went to find something to watch on YouTube.

Almost buttonless interactive touchscreen which controls all of the car!!!
Image from Tesla
Fully Robotic Model S Production
Image from National Geographic

As I have always been a late stock investor, knowing more about a company which I am highly interested is extremely important. I can say I already know a lot about Tesla Motor, but I still wanna learn more about the visionary company, their state-of-the-art electric vehicles, the robotic manufacturing process and their hi-tech factories.

Image from National Geographic

I have watched a lot of videos about the Tesla Model S, but it is only today that I found this documentary by National Geographic. Not too many people can enter the factory to see the entire production with their own eyes, so being able to see it on video is monumental to my decision to buy the US stock. This 47-minute documentary definitely is a great watch for the holidays!

Now I just need to analyse all those financial data in order to justify the moment and price of purchase.

Image from Yahoo! Finance
A Model S as present will be awesome!

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