Monday 23 April 2012

Technology: Samsung Galaxy S3 Is Launching Today?

Image from tgeltaayehxnx

Why is there a countdown clock? If you visit, you will see it. What is coming soon in about 5 hour's time?

If you rearrange the jumbled website URL, something like my entry Event: Hppay Aripl Floo's Day Wtih Knledowge!, you will find 'The Next Galaxy". A further explanation can be found if you view the source code of the webpage, something I happened to discover because I wanted to put the countdown clock on this entry,

Image from tgeltaayehxnx   
What you can see is "A Whole New Universe", "Discover how Samsung is about to challenge the way you view the GALAXY once more."

This is getting really exciting!!!

Then there is a leak of a series of photos, including this one,
Image from blogcdn
Which phone has a model number of GT-I9300 and runs on Android 4.0.3 ICS? So far, none. What's more, this phone doesn't have a home button so all buttons are virtualized on the front screen.

Could this be real???

Image from fonearena

And what is this smartphone? Why is the video made in Vietnam and not made in Korea?

What about this poster?
Image from blogcdn

We definitely have a lot of questions, but looks like the mystery will be unwrapped soon enough -- in about 5 hours' time.

jumble -- (vb) [T] to mix things together untidily
mystery -- (n) [C or U] something strange or not known which has not yet been explained or understood
unwrap -- (vb) [T] to remove the paper or other covering from something


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