Thursday 19 April 2012

Food & Restaurant: Mutekiya (無敵家) @ Wan Chai Grand Opening Day

It's a great honour to be the first person to write an English review for this new branch.

Actually, I was also the first one to write an English review on the Internet the last time Sheung Wan shop opened. (See: Food and Restaurant: Mutekiya (無敵家) @ Locky's English Playground)

The following part will be posted on in the near future. But if you read my blog, you will always get the first hand news.


Already I am a big fan of Mutekiya Sheung Wan, so there is no reason not to visit the new shop in Wan Chai on its Grand Opening Day.

The decor's absolutely fantastic with so much original Japanese elements in it. From the mini-roof tiles, to the display wine containers,

to the lamps and lamp covers, to the kites and the salt and pepper containers, everything has been carefully selected to bring that Japanese culture into the shop -- so caring, so detailed, typical Japanese Kaizen philosophy embedded everywhere you look.

The red pillar with a variety of sake bottles on the wall is the centre of attraction, drew camera flashes after camera flashes that day.

The scrolls hanging down the walls were also cute and joyful, creating that warm and cosy home-like feeling. There are simply too many things to keep you busy, you won't feel bored while waiting for the food to arrive.

I went there twice in two consecutive days, day 1 I went with my girlfriend and ordered their signature Shrimp Wrapped with Chicken Skin x 2 skewers, as recommended by Michael, crispy juicy prawns

Tonkotsu ramen, Shoyu Gyokai ramen, Onsen eggs and the most unique Salt Ice Cream and Yuzu Sorbet for dessert! Oiishi!!!!! Oiishi from us, Oiishi from the two Japanese guys who were sitting next to us. We had some nice chats in English (to my surprise, their English is really good).

Day 2, I went for dinner by myself. I ordered the Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen and also the Jellyfish in Yuzu. The hotness of the Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen was just nice for my taste but may be a bit spicy for the girls; the crunchy fresh fruity Jellyfish was strong in the sweet and vinegar taste, pairing up with the spicy ramen, absolutely remarkable!

I will be back more often, because compared with Sheung Wan, Wan Chai is more convenient for me.

Mutekiya Official Page

Food and Restaurant: Mutekiya (無敵家) @ Locky's English Playground