Wednesday 1 September 2010

Proverb: Murder Will Out

Sorrow fills the air ever since the tragic tourist coach hijack incident. It has been reported that Hong Kong's forensic experts were originally barred  from entering the crime scene [1], thus did not have first-hand evidence. However, murder will out -- the truth cannot be covered up and secrets will eventually be discovered, so some day in the near future, the people of Hong Kong will get the answer they are waiting for.


  1. Can you make a sentence using "murder will out"?
  2. What is the literal meaning or direct translation of "murder will out" in the Chinese version?

sorrow -- (n) [C or U] formal (a cause of) a feeling of great sadness
hijack -- (n) [C or U] / (vb) [T] when someone uses force to take control of an aircraft or other vehicle
forensic -- (adj) [before nounrelated to scientific methods of solving crimes, involving examining the objects or substances that are involved in the crime
murder will out -- proverb (idiomatic)  secrets or hidden crimes will eventually be exposed or discovered; nothing that is secret can remain a secret forever.