Friday 4 May 2012

Technology & News: Samsung Galaxy S3 Has Finally Arrived!!!!

Pebble Blue Samsung Galaxy SIII
Not being able to be present in London last night to get the first hand news of this amazing phone is a pity, but as long as you follow our blog, you will always get the best of the best piece of information. Why? Cos I have already read a whole bunch of reviews this morning and I am going to bring to you the best of them. Also, cos I switched on my Samsung Unpacked 2012 app on my S2 last night and as soon as the show was on, live video at London was on my screen. That was around 2:20am as far as I can remember.

Image from Reuters

Anyway, usually other reviews out there will give you the spec (specifications) first, well, I'm going to do the reverse. When I buy a smartphone, the most important thing for me is the performance. SIII's biggest competitor is HTC One X and S, so which one is better?

Here's the benchmark results from GSMArena.

As you can see, Galaxy SIII excels in every benchmark. No doubt that this is the best phone to buy.

Marble White Galaxy S3
Image from Samsung

GSMArean has the best product hands-on review which can be found here:

The website also has the best comparisons of their specifications, and you can find that here:

CNET has an interesting live blog recording last night's presentation by the minutes, very interesting to read!

Summary from the suggested readings:
S2 with Blue S3 and White S3
Image from GSMArena
The most amazing aspects of the hardware design include the 4.8" Super AMOLED display with Gorilla Glass 2, which is bigger and better than the 4.3" Super AMOLED Plus with Gorilla Glass.
Razor-sharp display
Image from GSMArena
It is stunning and razor-sharp! And it is great to know that it is only 17g heavier than S2 while maintaining that width for easy gripping.
2100 mAh battery with up to 64Gb MicroSB Card slot
Image from CNET
Battery has improved from 1650 mAh to 2100 mAh, which is a 27.2% increase.

As for the software? I'll leave it to the best video to introduce to you (by CNET)

Image from
CNET says "Samsung has been doing relatively well in the mobile phone industry, and its latest flagship device looks like it will have a high chance of success, too. The plastic build may not be to everyone's liking, but the hardware and software improvements give smartphone buyers good reasons to get this handset. If the image quality of the Galaxy S III's camera can match or best the One X, the S III will likely be one of the best Android handsets you can buy this year."

Economic Times subtitled "ON TOP OF SMARTPHONE WORLD".

BBC News commented that "Overall, the Galaxy S3 is an impressive phone, likely to capture an even larger marketshare than its S2 predecessor managed to carve out...And if Apple fails to refresh its iPhone line-up soon, Samsung should be able to have its smartphone cake and eat it."

The Telegraph says the S3 isn't as solid or heavy as the iPhone, obviously the writer hasn't watched the Drop-test video on YouTube, definitely hasn't read my entry News & Opinions: iPhone 4 Steve? Siri-ously? What about iPhone 5teve? Plastic cover don't shatter as easy as iPhone's glass cover!!! But the author added "On spending just a short time with the S3, I’m confident in saying that it’s a worthy successor to the globally popular S2."

Locky's English Playground says, "I'm getting it as soon as it is available! If my wallet approves."

More updates later, if any.

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specification -- (n) [C or U] (informal speca detailed description of how something should be done, made, etc.
benchmark -- a level of quality which can be used as a standard when comparing other things
hands-on --  [before nounSomeone who has hands-on experience of something has done or used it rather than just read or learned about it

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