Tuesday 5 October 2010

Sports: Uncommon Ball Games -- Part 2 (Updated)

Hope you like Part 1 of the uncommon ball games, here's part 2.

Let's start off with Water Ball!!!!

Is this a new ball game? No! Quoting from Wikipedia,

A water ball, also known as a walk-on-water ball, an AquaSphere or a Wowball is a large inflatable ball that allows a human occupant to 'walk on water.' The water ball dates back to at least 1985, when it was used in the Beach Boys music video "Getcha Back."

And here's the video for the MTV:

Nice, isn't it? I wish I get to play this game one day, this is so cool! Floating on water, must be a lovely feeling! I just suppose it would be a little hot inside.

Let's move on.

House and Wilson Playing Foosball

If you watch House M.D., then you might sometimes see Doctor House and the team playing a game of ball in the doctors' lounge, and the name to that game is called Table Football, fussball or foosball. It is a game very commonly seen in the bars and pubs in the U.K.. Possibly due to the fact that people of U.K. like football so much. I couldn't find the video of House playing foosball, but I did find they are in season 2 episode 14 and season 4 episode 8, or maybe more. But I have got an even better video here.

After the fun, we can get serious...... let's watch this foosball World Cup 2010

So, which video's more interesting?

Last of the ball games for this entry, is one that is more popular in schools' Physical Education, a game in which players try to hit other players in the opponent team with balls and avoid being hit at the same time.

Meet the Dodgeball!!!! Presented to you by Ben Stiller!!!!

Would you like to try these?




Getcha Back -- The Beach Boys

Dodgeball -- Ben Stiller