Friday 14 October 2011

Technology: iPhone 4 Failed-Downgrade Rescue Tutorial (without SHSH)

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The result of successful tethered jailbreaking has led to more improved jailbreaking, and the way to do that is to downgrade it from iOS 4.3.5 to 4.3.3. Many websites say that this is impossible, yet others claims success.

Why am I not jailbreaking 4.3.5 with FastRa1n RC3? Turns out to be a paid software, not my cup of tea, so I either wait for the new free jailbreak to be released or try to do the impossible.

Of course I chose to challenge myself, and the result is the birth of the following tutorial for those who have failed.

iPhone 4 Failed-Downgrade Rescue Tutorial (without SHSH)

by Locky Law on Friday 14th Oct 2011

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This has got to be the most comprehensive tutorial on the internet EVER! Many articles on the internet are not complete, therefore I decided to write on by myself (Speaking from a self-proclaimed internet surfer-cum-a dumb rash hacker's point of view).

Warning 1: Never upgrade it to 4.3.5 or higher ( I will swallow my words when the Dev Teams have come up with a free untethered jailbreak method)
Warning 2: Before you want to do anything clever (or stupid depending on the outcomes), please download Tiny Umbrella and use it to backup your SHSH first (like a restore point of your iPhone) so you can always go back easily.
Warning 3: Back up your iPhone using iTunes
Warning 4: If you didn't read my Warnings and you did what I did, which was rashly went straight to downgrade or upgrade and then downgrade without SHSH and mess up your iPhone, then you must restore to factory settings:

  1. before you start, make sure your HOST file under C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc is empty, if not, delete everything inside and save it.
  2. download the NEWEST firmware you have installed before you screwed up your phone from
  3. plug in your iPhone to your computer
  4. enter the DFU mode by holding your iPhone's power button down to switch it off, then KEEP YOUR FINGER ON THE POWER BUTTON and hold the HOME button together for about 10 seconds, then KEEP YOUR FINGER ON THE HOME BUTTON but release the power button until you hear a "beep" from your iPhone. You can watch this video for help: 
  5. if you have done it correctly, you should have heard the "beep" sound and you see nothing on your iPhone
  6. if you have done it wrongly, you will see the iTunes and the USB image on your iPhone. Don't worry, just repeat b) and c) until you get there.
  7. when iTunes pops up, hold down SHIFT(Wins) or Option (Mac) and press Restore with your mouse, a box will pop up.
  8. choose the firmware you have just downloaded and then press okay. (Remember, it should be the NEWEST firmware you have installed before you screwed it up!!! Not the one you want to downgrade to)
  9. let iTunes restore your iPhone for you.
  10. be happy!!! Because you have succeeded! You can now sync your iPhone with iTunes again.

After messing with the iPhone over and over again, I shall now wait for the new Jailbreak of iOS5 and 4.3.5.

tether -- (vb)[T] a rope or chain used to tie especially an animal to a post or other fixed place, usually so that it can move freely within a small area
pwn -- (vb)[T] In hacker jargon, pwn means to compromise or control, specifically another computer (server or PC), web site, gateway device, or application. It is synonymous with one of the definitions of hacking or cracking. A long debate on Urban Dictionary, however, suggests many derivations including "pawned" (a chess term for when a player is put in check by a pawn) and "permanently owned," an escalation of the term "owned."

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