Friday, 10 June 2011

Message: "Typhoo-lidays"?

"Tyhoo-lidays"? Slim chance, too fast and too weak. So don't even hope!

"Hope is the worst of evils, for it prolongs the torments of man." -- Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

Anyway, a Sunday "Typhoo-liday" has no meaning.
Forecast Positions and Intensities
Date timePositionClassificationMaximum sustained wind
11:00 HKT 11 June 201123.7 N116.6 ETropical Storm65 km/h
11:00 HKT 12 June 201125.8 N116.6 ELow Pressure Area40 km/h

Tropical Storm SARIKA @ Hong Kong Observatory

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Culture: McDonald's Creepiest Ads USA vs Japan

Talking about cultural differences, it seems like this topic can never stop.

I read an article today looking back at the history of Ronald McDonald and his creepiness. Here is one of the videos:

Well, you can read it, watch it however and whenever you like it, but what interests me is how much he looked like a child murderer or a paedophile who is all ready to cut a kid open down his chest with a chainsaw,

Looks familar to you?
Image from movie web
Just as you think, well, this is an old ad, time has changed, Ronald McDonald has become more children-friendly, he really does look happy now (though I can still recall how freaked out my cousin used to be whenever he saw Ronald McDonald), wait till you see the following ads from Japan, the country of in-fashion!

Do you find this burger sexier? The girl actually makes me feel sicker than ever because her face tells me what  will happen to my face after eating that burger.

How about this one?

This one does look better if you don't consider that he took out his burger from his butt!!! And, why did they take out their  glove when they were holding that burger anyway? Especially the guy because he was using his left hand!! With or without the beef, the Indians will definitely not try that burger for sure!

Anyway, I think you can see the difference between the McDonald's ads you see in your country compared to the Japanese ones, they just like that youthfulness and trendiness when they target the young generations.

Okay, let's sidetrack from the culture aspect a bit and spend some time on some serious English listening practice.

And don't forget! BaLa ba ba BA~~~!!!!! (Are you loving it????)

Check if you can pick out these words:
serial killer, torturing, murdering, creep out factor, perfect subjects, afraid of clowns, bounce out, on the verge of death, rigor mortis, bizarre, freak people out, apparatus, personal boundaries, weird, part-clown-part-spider, zombie clowns, subtle, play-acting, a sharpened point, freaky, on death-row, art galleries, haunt

creepiness -- (n)[U] noun for "creepy" strange or unnatural and making you feel frightened
paedophile -- (n)[C] UK (US pedophilea person, especially a man, who is sexually interested in children
rigor mortis -- (n) one of the recognizable signs of death that is caused by a chemical change in the muscles after death, causing the limbs of the corpse to become stiff and difficult to move or manipulate.
bizarre -- (adj) very strange and unusual
subtle -- (adj) small but important

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