Wednesday 6 October 2010

News: Rowan Atkinson takes his life in his hands as he shoots scenes for Johnny English Reborn in London

Johnny English IS BACK!!!!!

Since the last time I recommended this movie, I have been longing for the sequel. And after the sequel has been announced and filming started in August, we have more news from Rowan! The new movie name will be "Johnny English Reborn" and "English is brought out of reclusive retirement in Asia ), as the government beg him to try and stop the assassination of the Chinese premier." [1] The movie shoots for 13 weeks in the U.K. and Hong Kong [2]! I wonder if I would get to see him in person?? If I had the chance, I would definitely like to sit down and chat with him. Are you too longing for more English actions?

Here's a trailer for your recap.

Rowan Atkinson takes his life in his hands as he shoots scenes for Johnny English Reborn in London

By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 12:19 AM on 26th September 2010

Rowan Atkinson took his life in his hands as he shot scenes for Johnny English Reborn in London.

The 55-year-old actor was being pulled along in a motorised wheelchair by a huge film truck as they filmed the footage on The Mall outside Buckingham Palace.

And while a stunt double was used for the scenes which saw the wheelchair whizzing underneath a lorry, Atkinson didn't escape the dangerous side of the shooting as he was pulled along in the chair at speeds of around 40mph.

That's what you call dangerous driving: Rowan Atkinson is pulled along by a truck as he sits in a motorised wheelchair while filming scenes for Johnny English Reborn in London

Careful, Rowan! Atkinson is reprising his role as hapless spy Johnny English for the film sequel

The movie, the sequel to 2003 film Johnny English, sees Atkinson reprise his role as hapless British spy English, and also stars X Files actress Gillian Anderson as well as Rosamund Pike.

And Pike said recently she is enjoying the filming despite not being given any weapons to fire.

She said: 'Although it's Bond spoof, it's nothing like being a Bond girl, because I've got a very interesting role to play actually.

'Not that the character in the Bond film wasn't interesting but, I don't get to play with guns of fight. There is a scene in a car, so there is an element of Bond about it. But she's quite a funny character.'
Stunt time: Atkinson's stunt double has a go in the wheelchair as they start shooting scenes for the film

Slipping underneath: The stunt double bends back as he gets pulled underneath a moving lorry

Missing by an inch: The stunt double lays completely backwards as he travels underneath the lorry

Pike added: 'Rowan Atkinson came after he saw An Education and wanted me to do this part in the Johnny English film for him. It's a very, very funny script.'

Johnny English Reborn marks a return to the movie industry for Atkinson, who has largely been out of the spotlight since appearing in 2005 family comedy Keeping Mum.

But Richard Curtis said recently that he is 'hopeful' Atkinson will one day reprise his most famous role of Mr Bean.

He said: 'I think Mr Bean in 2010 would be obsessed by his Sky box and having access to everyone and endlessly going on YouTube.

All in black: Atkinson wore an entirely black outfit as he shot scenes outside The Mall by Buckingham Palace

'I am tempted by the idea or Mr Bean in an old people's home, so Rowan doesn't have to go on dyeing his hair.

'Mr Bean does behave with all the selfishness of a child and I think a lot of childish traits remain in people as they grow up – though of course they try to hide them.'

Johnny English Reborn is due for release in 2011.

And so Mr. Bean might be coming back as well, but being in an old people's home sounds pretty sad to me. Do I want to see him in this kind of situation? Not really, but I'm sure Rowan's good friend Richard Curtis will make it extremely funny. Anyway, for Richard to be proposing now means that nothing is being written at present, and with Johnny English Reborn only out next year, I don't think we will get to see Mr. Bean again anytime before 2012. That is a lot of patience needed.

sequel -- (n) [C] a book, film or play which continues the story of a previous book, etc.
reclusive -- (n) [C]a person who lives alone and avoids going outside or talking to other people
assassination -- (n) [C or U] the murder of someone famous or important
stunt double / stunt man / stunt woman -- (n)[C] a man or woman who performs stunts, especially instead of an actor in a film or television programme
whizzg -- (vb) [I + adverb or preposition]  informal to move or do something very fast
reprise -- (n) [C] specialized a repeat of something or part of something, especially a piece of music
hapless -- (adj) [before noun] formal unlucky and usually unhappy
spoof -- (n) [C] a funny and silly piece of writing, music, theatre, etc. that copies the style of an original work
traits -- (n) [C] a particular characteristic that can produce a particular type of behaviour