Monday 25 January 2010

Health and Fitness: Mouth Ulcers

Do you like French fries? KFC chicken? Crisps or Potato chips? Hot and Spicy food? Hotpot? Pop Corns?

I have to say I like all these, but as a person with strong discipline, I manage to restrict my appetite to just the hot and spicy food (Oh mine! Indian food I love them!), and I do not have them often. Unfortunately, that does not mean I suffer less from the side effect of "heatiness". And so what do I get most of the time?

Oral ulcers / Mouth ulcers (US English: Canker sores)

Mouth Ulcer
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The exact cause of oral ulcers is unknown[1], but there are many possibilities. As for my mouth ulcers, they usually appear after I bite my lips with my own teeth, which happens when I have consumed too much "heaty " food.

I have tried many different ways, eat less heaty food, apply sugar on the wound, apply salt on the wounds, applying fresh Aloe Vera onto the wounds, drink herbal tea, eat Guilinggao herbal jelly (as suggested by my ex-students), but none of these work for me.

When these don't work, the wounds grow bigger and bigger, and if there are multiple of them, they will eventually merge together, forming and huge one which can be as big as my thumb nail. The pain can be terrible!

I even thought about having my tooth removed so that I wouldn't bite my lips again, but of course, I dropped that thought soon.

That's because I have found two solutions that help in my situation!!! What are they? Let me tell you on Wednesday. Till then, you should be reading those resources I have listed below: