Wednesday 20 November 2013

Message: Letter To My Lovely Baby Girl!!!

My Daughter -- Muse Law
Image from Locky's English Playground
Locky's English Playground has been a bit lazy all week because I have been busying with the arrival of my lovely daughter, Muse! She was born yesterday on 18th November 2013 after midnight. From the start of the contraction at 9pm on the 16th through the amniotomy at 7am on the 17th till Muse was born at 1am on the 18th, in that 28 hours of labour, her mummy had to be administered almost every form of pain relief possible including a morphine shotepidural analgesia, then epidural anaesthesia in an attempt to have a natural-cum-induced labour before finally undergoing a Caesarean section.

"What does milk taste like?"
Image from Locky's English Playground

Muse, do you know? Your mummy was being cut opened, pulled, squashed and pumped severely in the tummy like a Scale 8 earthquake by 3 surgeons for a whole 10 minutes before getting you out? The anaesthetic was so strong that your mummy's body shuddered violently even when my hands were pressing her shoulders down hard, yet she was shouting through her gritted teeth with every clobber.

"I'm also called BB Chu and I am adorable!"
Image from Locky's English Playground

It was traumatising to watch your mummy in pain as such, gave me bad dreams every night since your birth. You had better be really really good to your mummy once you know who she is.

"You can't see me~ You can't see me~mummy!"
and mummy is just in the background
Image from Locky's English Playground

That's not all! When the doctors urgently called for nurses to "come up to rescue the B", I acted calm in front of your mum and kept telling her that everything will be okay, but I feared real badly that we were going to lose you. I think you mum did not hear what the doctors said due to the anaesthetic in her body so she was still asking me why you were not crying. Luckily, soon enough, I heard you giggling and told your mummy that you were born a happy girl. Then after another couple of minutes or so, we finally heard you crying.

You were brought to us and your mummy immediately gave you a kiss on the face while she was still shaking. Obstetric forceps were used and your head had a cut, but to me, those forceps pulled you and your mummy out from death.

"Muse maybe the youngest Facebook holder, " says Aunt Winnie Li
Muse owns a Facebook account in less than 1-day-old
Image from Locky's English Playground

We are both very proud of you as you have already fought so many battles even before you were born, and we wish that you will continue to be strong in face of danger, illness, sadness and pressure. Daddy and mummy will do our best to give you a delightful childhood, and you can almost guarantee that you will not be forced to take many interest classes and subjects because we are not monster parents and we'll never be. We will assist you in finding your dreams and guide you to achieving them should you need our help. As for now, let's not worry too much and just enjoy every moment with your families and friends.

Daddy and mummy loves you the most, and so do all your relatives and friends. You are very lucky to have come to this part of the world where food and basic needs are not a concern, and you are especially lucky to have 6 grandparents to love you.

So please!
Don't forget, be healthy and be a good girl!
Don't forget, nothing comes easy in this world, so never take anything for granted.
Don't forget, to love the world, all animals and plants, because they will help you grow,
and lastly,
Don't forget, you must always love you mummy, Muse, because she loves you the most!

With Immense Love,
Daddy Locky & Mummy Ceci
(00:41am, 20th Nov 2013)

amniotomy -- (n)[U]
morphine -- (n)[U]
epidural analgesia -- (n)[U]
epidural anaesthesia -- (n)[U]
induced labour -- (n)[U]
Caesarean section -- (n)[C]
anaesthetic -- (n)[C] 
shudder -- (vb)[I] When something shudders, it shakes violently and quickly:
grit (your) teeth -- (idiom)  to press your top and bottom teeth together, often in anger:
clobber -- (vb) informal to hit someone or something hard and repeatedly:
traumatise -- (vb)  [T usually passive] (UK usually traumatise)  to shock and upset someone severely and for a long time:
Obstetric forceps -- (n)[C] 

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