Wednesday 13 June 2012

Sports: More Football Chats, Portugal & Italy

Cristiano Ronaldo
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Well, you might think that this week isn't a week for the ladies because every guy is talking about soccer, but from my observations, seems like even ladies are watching football! Well, simply because this is really too big of an event even the ladies can't afford to miss.

I had heat stroke yesterday despite hiding mostly in an air-conditioned room, thanks to extremely humid stagnant air and the sun was blazing down directly from the above, so I had a great excuse to sleep early and not watch Poland VS Russia and Greece VS Czech Republic.

I don't know too many players from these countries anyway.

But then tonight in Hong Kong time, Denmark VS Portugal and Italy VS Croatia maybe slightly more entertaining to watch because they all know they must win to qualify. Still I am waiting for the clash between Holland and Germany because that will really be critical.

So let's talk about Denmark VS Portugal first. To me, last match when Denmark beat Holland 1-0, was a pure quality of the scorer Michael Krohn-Dehli, it was one brilliant goal, but overall, I don't think Denmark has the overall strength to beat Portugal. Yes, maybe Cristiano Ronaldo never really performs on the international stage, but that's also because he is too good to not be tightly marked by 2 or 3 players. In the midfield, Portugal has Nani from Man Utd., Miguel Veloso from Genoa, Raul Meireles from Chelsea; in defense, they have Pepe from Real Madrid. Surely, they won't let Denmark enjoy some good time again!

As for Italy Vs Croatia, I don't have much of a clue, Italy has always played defense and counter attack, one thing good about this tactic is that no matter who gets injured, as long as you can defend as a team, things won't go too wrong.

Winning or losing for Italy depends a lot on one striker, Mario Balotelli, but this guy can be great ...

... or he can be a complete disaster.

Let see what happens tonight, but surely he is one to watch for.
Image from ESPN Soccernet

heat stroke -- (n)[U] a condition which can lead to death, caused by being too long in a very hot place
stagnant -- (adj) (of water or air) not flowing or moving, and smelling unpleasant
clash -- (n) [C] a sports competition or race between two people or teams
critical -- (adj) saying that someone or something is bad or wrong

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