Monday 20 August 2012

Techonology: New Samsung Device Is Coming!!!

When a new Samsung Mobile UNPACKED teaser is out, you know there is going to be an earth-shaking device soon. Last time when I wrote Technology & News: Samsung Galaxy S3 Has Finally Arrived!!!!, the Samsung Galaxy S3 came out and become the most hackable (or the most preferred developers' phone) phone in the world! This time, what could it be?

I'm pretty sure this time, it is the Galaxy Note 2. Please don't mix up Galaxy Note 2 with Note 10.1, Note 10.1 is called Note, but it is actually a tablet. A bit of confusing caused, but not difficult to find out that the Note we are talking about comes with an S Pen, which is and will continue to be, a killer feature in the smartphone industry.

The phone is expected to come with a 5.5" Super AMOLED touchscreen and runs on Quad-Core processor. I'm guessing it will need a 2Gb RAM and Pop Up Play function.

Oh, by the way! S3 can use Pen as well! But it's called C Pen/Stylus,

If you have an S3 and you also want to try out some pen fiddling, you can get a C Pen easily in most of the gadget shops in Hong Kong.

hackable -- (adj) (slang) can be / have lots of potential to be hacked / further develop
fiddle -- (vb) [I] to move things about or touch things with no particular purpose
gadget -- (n) a small device or machine with a particular purpose


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