Wednesday 23 June 2010

News Article: Oil Issues -- Is 10-Year-Old Smarter Than BP?

Came across this video while I was reading the news on Yahoo today.

Interesting, huh? Can a kid be really smarter than the experts at the oil company? Maybe he really can be smarter, because when one is part of something, he can feel quite like a rat in a maze.

While oil is still leaking non-stop in the Atlantic side of the world, back in Asia-Pacific side, price of the oil seems to be dropping, as the fuel surcharge for flights is to be cut in July.

From the Standard,

Hong Kong route fuels lift for airline

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

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Singapore Airlines is optimistic about passenger demand rising in the second half, after its load factor recovered to pre-crisis levels, Hong Kong general manager David Lim said.

Capacity on the Hong Kong-Singapore route rose by 15 percent as of June but overall capacity is expected to rise 2 percent amid market uncertainties, Lim added yesterday.

Its East Asia load factor jumped to 77.2 percent last month from 62.1 percent a year ago, surpassing the 71 percent posted in May 2008 before the global financial turmoil.

SIA and Cathay Pacific Airways (0293) will cut their passenger fuel surcharge in July, the Civil Aviation Department said.

The surcharge for short-haul flights will drop 4.55 percent to HK$105 per person while that for longer flights will be 2.1 percent less at HK$513.

Meanwhile, the number of people arriving in Singapore from Hong Kong surged 20 percent year-on- year to 138,000 in the first five months, the Singapore Tourism Board said.

Tourists from the SAR to the Lion City in the first week of June soared 58 percent from a year earlier because of new attractions such as Resort World Sentosa and Universal Studios Singapore, said Vincent Huang, the board's Hong Kong and Macau area director. MANDY LO

Do you remember that I wrote 2 articles on Singapore, one on photo-taking and one on food and drinks? I wrote them because I knew trips to Singapore will get popular, but never expected the popularity rise to be so great.

Well, I'm not going there this summer to compete with the crowd. I'm planning to visit Tokyo for my very first time instead. Do you guys have any suggestions for me in terms of the look-and-see and the shop-and-play?

I hope for nice seafood, but I will feel sick if I see whale / dolphin meat. Why do I say this? Wait for my Friday entry......

Like a rat in a maze -- (metaphor) to be in a confused situation or to be confused.