Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Movie & Video: Disney's "Up" & Reality

My mistake for not recommending this movie earlier, because I thought I had. I guess it's a kind of late to recommend it now. But if you still haven't watched this movie, you should quickly get a DVD, because it is a movie filled with love, meanings in life and adventure.

And this is the part that makes me cry so much, every time I watch. And it also reminds me that if you really love someone, you shouldn't wait...... before she is gone too soon......

We should all treasure the ones we love.

Well, let's not make this too upsetting, here's the main video I really want to show you, for a little listening practice. Enjoy!

Keywords you should hear:
moment of pure movie magic
setting sail
held up only by party balloons
close to impossible
safely with people on board
initial calculation
track to California's High Desert
near freezing temperature
an entire tank of Helium
cluster balloon flight ever attempted
daylight approach
can actually get off the ground
hold one of these down is a workout
tension rose
would all these work be for nothing
pretty tired
pretty stressed
hope stayed afloat
house began to rise, and rise and rise
a little yellow house soaring
World record

Up Move Trailer #3 @ YouTube

Disney Pixar Up - Married Life - Carl & Ellie by Michael Giacchino - The cut from BluRay disc

Disney's "Up" house created in real life and flown for National Geographic show @ YouTube

High Dessert @ Wikipedia