Thursday 17 October 2013

Technology: Rooting Galaxy Note 3 and Cool Apps For Your Android Phones

3 apps on the same Note 3 screen
Image from Zedomax
If you have previously read my post Technology: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Hands-on Review & Tips, you should already be using App ops and are enjoying full permissions control! I know I am! With this function, we no longer need to be afraid of leaking personal data to app manufacturers.

Today, I want to share a few more really cool apps with you for your Galaxy Note 3 to enhance your user experience even more!

First off, for those of you who owns a Galaxy Note 3, you might want to root it to continue using the rooted apps you were using with your older phones. For rooting, no one makes tutorials better than Zedomax! Do go to his page and thank him after you have successfully rooted your phone.

After you have rooted your phone, you can install rooted apps such as the Pen Window Manager for rooted Galaxy Note 3.

This app is really awesome! Now I can use multiple apps on the screen! What? What's the use? Well, imagine you can take notes while you are searching on a browser and you need the calculator at the same time to do some maths. Or you are on a web page and you need to find your directions on Google Map. That could be very useful!

If you have bought your phone in the US or Europe and you need to take your phone across the Atlantic, sorry, your phone is probably "region locked" which means you won't be able to use your phone with the local network. That's really annoying, but annoy no more, Region Unlock by Chainfire can help you! Simply follow the video below.

For Other Android Phones:

Well, that doesn't mean you cannot have some fun with certain apps if you don't own a Note 3.

Hovering Controls is one that I really like to use on my Note 2 before I got my Note 3.

Sick of all those stock app, try Focal Beta.

Not much from me personally, but lots of videos for your listening practice. Have fun with Android!!!

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