Monday 12 July 2010

Drink: Hung Fook Tong Herbal Drinks (Chinese Herbs Part 1)

Hot, hot, hot! But that doesn't stop me from playing football. And when I finished playing my game, I need something to rehydrate myself. So, what's there to drink?

Pocari Sweat? Lucozade? Or Chinese herbal tea? Well, it depends on the price and the sugar content level, but you can't learn much if you drink the former two......

We can see Chinese medicine everywhere now, in drinks, in tortoise jelly, shampoo, but do you ever wonder what they are called in English?

Here's Part 1 of my research:

Liquorice root (甘草)
Image from
Chrysanthemum (菊花)

Honeysuckle Flower (金銀花)
Image from Atiko Fianti's Weblog
Sugarcane (蔗)
Image from Cairns
American Ginseng (花旗参)
Image from Blogger
Canton Love-pes Vine (雞骨草)
Image from DGAGRI

Honey Dates (蜜棗)
Image from Rasa Malaysia

Fritillariae Cirrhosae Bulbus (川貝母) 

Rehydration -- (n)[U] the process of putting water into someone's body when they are suffering from dehydration (= a lack of water)