Tuesday 5 June 2012

Medical & Vocabulary: New Words from House Finale

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I must say, nothing really interests me these days. I try really hard finding other interesting topics other than the Galaxy SIII, but still, I could only find Galaxy SIII interesting. Until I remember, I had been avoiding the finale of House which was stored on my computer's hard disk. Why was I avoiding it? Guess I didn't want it to end. But in the end, I watched it, and I didn't regret watching it because it was a skilfully filmed episode. It was deep and I like deep.

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The lighting, the angles, the transitions, the philosophy, the battle within his great mind. It was really a nice episode, but if I were to ask for more, I wanted to see more round-ups for House's colleagues. Fake death, has typical Sherlock Holmes written all over it. The funeral was a little too rush and too short, there seemed to be too little time to build up the atmosphere of sombreness.

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What House offered me is more than just lots of medical terms and knowledge, but lots of beautiful sarcastic lines as well as vocabulary. The other day, a student asked me which show he should watch to improve his English, and I said, if you are advanced enough, then watch House, because it will take you to an even higher level.

I have included the vocabulary in the list below, some of them are highly useful!

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finale -- (n) [C usually singular]  the last part of especially a musical or theatrical performance, which is often very exciting or emotional
sombreness -- (n) seriousness, sadness and without humour or entertainment
carpe diem -- (saying) seize the day
perjure yourself -- [R] legal  to tell a lie in a law court, after promising formally to tell the truth
white lie -- (n)[C] a lie that is told in order to be polite or to stop someone from being upset by the truth
dock (my pay) -- [T] to remove part of something, especially money
smack-addled -- (adj) -- smack slang  heroin (= a strong illegal drug) addled [T] mainly humorous  making someone feel confused and unable to think clearly
baritone -- (n)[C] a man with a singing voice that is lower than a tenor but not as low as a bass, or a musical instrument with this range
evasive -- (adj) answering questions in a way that is not direct or clear, especially because you do not want to give an honest answer
facile -- (adj)  describes a remark or theory which is too simple and has not been thought about enough
take the fall -- (slang)  to get arrested for a particular crime. (Especially when others are going unpunished for the same crime. 
overplay your hand (with sb) -- to spoil your chance of success by saying or doing too much
(had sb as) a backstop -- (n)[C] (in baseball) a high fence behind the player hitting the ball, which prevents balls from leaving the playing area if they are not hit or caught
bickering (with sb) -- (vb)[I] disapproving to argue about things which are not important

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