Wednesday 30 December 2009

Speaking: Learning an Accent?

House, anybody?

If you have watched the TV drama "House", you will definitely know Hugh Laurie. I got to know him first through watching this drama, but then I quickly realised that his reputation has long been established in Britain, through one of the most successful sitcom of all time, "The Black Adder" series with Rowan Atkinson (commonly known as Mr Bean).

I came across his interview videos on Youtube while I was doing my research and found a nice one for you guys to watch and practise your listening skills. At the same time, I would like you to realise that it is never easy to learn a new accent in a short time, not even for westerners.

That doesn't mean you cannot learn an accent at all. If you really want to learn, you have to put in some hard work. I have already discussed the method of acquiring a foreign accent, so you may want to refresh your memory if you have forgotten how.

Here's a little bit more extra for you:

FYI, Hugh Laurie graduated from Selwyn College[1], a constituent college of the University of Cambridge in England, and achieved a Third-Class Honours degree in archaeology and anthropology[2].