Wednesday 26 February 2014

Technology: Welcome Samsung Galaxy S5 !!!

Yes, it's real
Image from Samsung

As always, I am pretty excited by Samsung Unpacked because I can almost guarantee expect something fancy will appear.

Samsung Galaxy S5 is announced!
Image from Samsung

This time round is the Galaxy S5. The opinions so far, are pretty diverged. Some really like it, some feel awfully disappointed.

Want to see how it compares with the S4? Here's a video.

I'm pretty certain that some would really prefer the non-glossy back cover on the S5 whereas others would prefer the one on the S4 because the S5 back cover looks ugly! For me, the S5 back cover looks awfully like sponge with those dimples, it doesn't have the premium feel that Note 3's faux leather offers. (If I were to pick, I would pick blue as the better colour of the lot.) It will be annoying if you are not going to use a phone case but matters little if you are. Designer cases will surely do you good.

The speed when using Touchwiz in those videos looks blazing fast! Clocked at 2.5Ghz, I would love to see how the battery life fares.

S5 with Fit
Image from Samsung

The ultra power saving mode sounds perfect for everyone! If the data is real that 10% battery can last for 24 hours, it can be quite a selling point. Whether this feature easy to duplicate in or ported to other Android phones is my next question.

The camera and the stock camera app sounds awesome, bigger sensor is always better in photography,  but how it performs in the actual world is a huge deal, especially noise control in low light. The Note 3 and S4 cameras are just average in low light so there's a lot of expectations on the S5 camera.

Blue, the better of the lot
Image from Samsung

To clear our heads, I have some opinions from the other end of the spectrum. Forbes' Eric Mack has an article titled The Samsung Galaxy S5 Is Missing 5 Big Things, namely a metal body design: a redesigned UX,
a truly envelope-pushing specs: the next generation of battery technology, and a reason to upgrade. GSMArena says "Unfortunately, the design of the Galaxy S5 is nothing ground-breaking."

And Erica has more!

Actually, the Samsung Galaxy Fit is a much bigger surprise to me simply because it looks cool!!!

In conclusion, this is the one Galaxy that I really have to get my hands on before I can say it is worth it or not. Thus far, I doubt it is worth upgrading if you already have an S4. I even suggest buying S4 instead!! I might change my mine later, but as for now.... I'm sticking to what I think. That being said, anything new from Samsung is welcome!

diverge -- (adj) to follow a different direction, or to be or become different:
blazing -- (adj) very bright and hot or powerful:


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