Thursday 31 May 2012

Message: No News? Not Really, Just Not Interesting Enough

Image from Samsung

No news? Well, not really, the most exciting one for me is the launch of the Samsung Galaxy SIII, but too much of it will definitely turn off my other non-SIII-interested readers, so I decided to shut up... at least for awhile, about the SIII... or maybe a little bit more before I do actually shut-up, and that is I have finally found a good excuse for me to wait a little longer before I splash out my cash to get it -- I will wait for the Pebble Blue colour one to come out first and compare which colour I really want to get. Then again, I will go to New Century Plaza in Mongkok before the 3rd June to try out the phone myself.

I might even make a hands-on video review myself! If that is the case then it would be my very first video on the internet. I'll see how it goes. It might just be fun!!!

I have added one additional video in my last entry just now for those of you who want to hear what the professional software developers from xdadevelopers have to say about SIII.


And you should have noticed the change of theme from House M.D. to SIII on our blog.

No sure if you consider this a news or not but I have just realised that I have left my USB flash drive in the evening school which contains a piece of homework which I am currently working on and the class note for the class I did tonight. Not sure what the night school will do to it and I will go back to reclaim it tomorrow morning. (What a bummer!) Fingers crossed!


And then there was this solar eclipse which I missed, but actually, everybody in Hong Kong also missed. I will just let Kai help me tell you more about it!

Epic fail? Indeed!

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launch -- (n) [C] an event to celebrate or introduce something new
splash out (sth) -- phrasal verb UK to spend a lot of money on buying things, especially things which are pleasant to have but which you do not need
reclaim -- (vb) [T] to take back something that was yours
bummer -- [C] [S] offensive something that is very annoying or not convenient
Fingers crossed --  cross your fingers (also keep you fingers crossed) to hope that things will happen in the way that you want them to
epic -- (adj)  informal  extremely large


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