Friday 17 September 2010

Technology: Windows 7 now? (Updated)

Install now?

What? Windows 7?

Isn't it a bit late to talk about Windows 7 now? Well, yeah, I have to agree, because I am kind of slow with computer stuff these days, but on the another hand, I don't like to constantly update my computer software. I usually do that once every 2-3 years after most of the bugs have been fixed, or when I realised that it is not enough for me anymore. So, even though Photoshop is running CS5 now, I am still using CS3. My computer is too slow for any software upgrade anyway.

What I really find interesting these days is how fast Windows 7 boots up my computer. When my computer had nothing but Windows XP after installation, I enjoyed 30 secs boot-up time. That was simply an amazing feeling, almost like coming out from a hot tub after a whole day of tiring work! Then as you install more and more software, it gets slower and slower. Well, still tolerable, but I miss that amazing feeling of quick-booting.

And I have heard that Windows 7 allows me to regain that long-gone feeling, so I would like to give it a try. And I feel good!!!! Haven't really done the timing, but from pressing the power button to seeing sky-blue starting screen on an Intel Core i5 4GB RAM computer, feels like roughly 5 seconds. Then another 15 after keying in the password, so that is about 20 seconds.

Now, the computer at my home is still Intel Pentium Dual-Core E2180 (1M Cache, 2.00Hz, 800 MHz FSB), 2GB RAM, will I be able to install Windows 7 and enjoy the same speed?

Here's my mini-research from Wikipedia,

 So looks like I am fit for a 64-bit upgrade, but 2 GB RAM is the minimum requirement, so looks like it would be safer for a 32-bit version. Since my computer is getting moody and is constantly crashing, it might soon be time to give it a fresh soul!

But for now, when it is in a good mood, I would rather let it stay in good mood, because it will surely take a long time to format and install all the software that I am using.

And also, don't just rely on feelings, there are some Pros who do benchmark tests out there. Check this out!

Updated: I found a Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor to check if I can upgrade my XP to 7, Check it out here if you would like to know if your computer can upgrade or not.



  1. just my opinion =)
    will I be able to install Windows 7? Yes.
    and enjoy the same speed? No.

    E2180 + 2G RAM => 32bit is better, though there has a trend all software would be made as 64bit in the future (but that future would be after 3-5 years... that would be the time you buy new pc =)

    32bit windows => cannot support 64bit software
    64bit wondows => it SHOULD BE compatible with 32/64bit software

  2. it SHOULD BE compatible with 32/64bit software but no one guarantee it..

  3. I've forgotten to check whether my motherboard supports x86 virtualization, because if it doesn't, then I can't use Windows 7. I've found the Windows 7 driver for my old motherboard, so I suppose that is okay, but my CPU might have a problem now because it is not on the x86 virtualization list of CPU. So I think I'll only try to install Windows 7 when my current Windows XP finally dies. Wish me luck!

  4. x86 = 32bit(simply can say that) so your cpu should be no problem for installing the win7 =)
    however, your motherboard may not afford/support/compatible with win7 even you install win7 driver ^^!
    wish your pc keeps good mood until you want to buy a set of new gear. besides, your pc keeps crash is not a good sign, backup your important files 1st!

  5. Checked! Well, my computer can handle the upgrade, so I just have to wait till I have time to do so.