Thursday 26 March 2009

Technology: Google Earth 5.0

Have you watched the movie "Jumper"? No? I've got a trailer and a poster for you to recall your memory.

It is a movie that talks about a group of people who has special power to teleport to anywhere on this planet at any time. Not to forget that the Chinese story protagonist plus Japanese manga hero Son Goku (the monkey king) can do just the same! He is heating up the cinema all around the world these days!

Image from

But you don't need to know how to teleport to travel around the world. Actually, you don't even need to get up from your seat, all you need is a computer connected to the internet, and download the Google Earth 5.0 from the following website:

Watch how it works on Youtube!

Or take a tour in the website:

I have found my old home in London and a few places I have visited in Hokkaido as well as the Millenium Hilton hotel I stayed in twice in Bangkok!

Hey, what about learning English? Well, how about learning more names of different countries and then plan where to go on your next holiday after sneaking a nice detail preview with this software? Learning English can be done when you go travelling, right?

Apart from visiting different places, there are many things relating to English, and those are the buttons provided in the software, but I can't tell you now as you really need to check this out first by yourself.

Enjoy being a jumper and your teleporting!

(I've been sleeping at 2am every night because of updating this blog, dark circles starting to form)


  1. You help us a lot !

  2. I was your student, actually I've already completed all the courses in Pxxxx English, while I still want to advance my listening & speaking skills, wonder if you know or if you have any introduction of private tutor?? Thanks much.

  3. Thanks for updating the blog every night!

  4. I have noticed that Locky, I wonder if you have slept well as I have found the time of upload is quite late. I'm afraid once it becomes your burden/responsiblity, your passion of English will be lower. To me, I just feel that your blog is full of information/activities of different aspects as you described at the very beginning of this blog. So I use a small notebook to write down vocabularies/sentences,etc. Wow, I've already got a lot on it. Actually I can't follow your speed if you upload everynight.
    But I really want to THANK for your very
    detailed/hard work.
    Your blog is very great/fabulous/fantastic/incredible!!
    That's what you stressed - "variety" in words.

  5. Locky,

    See! Lots of people love u, you effort is worth!

    Same as Phy, I've been noticing your post was always in mid night, sure you had run out your rest and leisure. You know, that's THE POINT I keep on studing on your blog EVERYDAY! I did your exercise even I was busy on my work! Just wanna let u know, it's great to see your hard work, dedication paying off.

    Like Phy, I have a file keeping your useful information, I have noted down some useful phase and words too. Even in rush, I'll try my best to catch up.

    Well....our dear, take more rest, maybe your blog just update twice a week will be fine. Let me have enough time to digest to enjoy your English World!!!

    Have a nice day!

    Bo Bo

  6. Agree with Bo Bo.
    Indeed, Locky, you need not update the blog daily. I think Bo Bo can learn and digest quickly, but I am still far behind. If students like Bo Bo and me make notes, you better give us(or I should say give me) time to digest. Of course, you can take some time for rest.