Monday 21 June 2010

Business Vocabulary: The Cogs -- The Sales Group

So, hope everyone has learnt the business vocabulary well so far, and this entry will mark the last chapter of "The Cogs".

The Sales Group will focus on the sales and marketing side.

Cold Caller - Someone who makes unexpected calls to an unknown household, often for making that person a customer.
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Telemarketer - Someone who markets various goods to people over a phone.  Basically the same thing as a Cold Caller.
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Name Dropper - Someone who tries to gain popularity by pretending that famous people are his/her friends.
The girl in black is a name dropper herself.
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Glad Hander - Someone who is overly friendly with a stranger in order to gain an advantage.

Mover & Shaker -  Someone who has power and influence in some field or activity.
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Two-Face - Someone hypocritical or deceiving; A person who will say one thing to your face, and a different thing behind your back.
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The Mingler - A person who tends to join or take part in a conversation with others at random, especially during parties. A very social person who is always hanging out with other people.

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Mr. Hollywood - A term for someone who is very flashy.
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V.P. - Vice President. An executive officer ranking immediately below a president; may serve in the president's place under certain circumstances. (This is not referring to the President of the United States, however. True name is, though, Senior V.P.)

Enjoy your learning!


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