Wednesday 30 July 2014

Vocabulary: Word Of The Day By Locky's English Playground

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Some weeks ago, I started this "Word of the Day" on my blog's Facebook page. I think this is pretty cool to have a mini-wordlog of the words I have come across that day that is worth remembering. No guarantee that I will post one every day but definitely whenever necessary.

Two cars musking beside the Model S
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Today, a member from the Tesla Motors Club suggested making a flyer to promote good consideration, specially to educate owners of non-electric vehicles on not occupying the charging spaces of the electric vehicles. The word we are looking at here is musking and we think this is going to become a serious problem in Hong Kong. I hope I am wrong though.

Stickle Bricks
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Yesterday, I came across stickle bricks, a word I can almost guarantee that few adults know in Hong Kong, or more precisely, few parents know. Well, but now you know, and do you miss your childhood?

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Finally, backpfeifengesicht, the best word since a very very long time. If you want to know why, please see Vocabulary: Words Worth Noticing.

This is just a promotional post, so I will not be writing about Word of the Day every week, so if you want to learn some cool words, subscribe to my Facebook and Google+!

musking -- (n) blocking an ICE car in, when parked at an electric charging station
stickle brick -- (n)[C] 
backpfeifengesicht -- (n) see Vocabulary: Words Worth Noticing

Musking @ Tesla Motors

Stickle Bricks

Vocabulary: Words Worth Noticing @ Locky's English Playground

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