Monday 27 July 2020

Environment: Should hybrid (taxis) be incentivised?

LPG taxis in Hong Kong
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Locky Law, director of education at ChargedHK, a non-profit group that promotes electric vehicle use, said the government could consider offering short-term incentives for taxi drivers to switch to hybrid models, if the official data offered by the hybrid carmakers was trustworthy, and if there was evidence to prove that hybrid taxis emitted lower emissions.

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Extra note: In summary, if we could either trust the official data offered by the hybrid automakers (which some reports disagree, e.g. Greenpeace's) or government departments could perform their own highly-rigorous emission testing on every model, and that the government and electric companies would not improve the fuel mix in the short run (e.g. in the next five years), then those low-emission hybrids and plug-in hybrids could enjoy short-term incentives. Lots of 'if's.

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